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Monarch butterfly on milkweed.  Photo by Stibolt.
One choice: monarch butterfly on scarlet milkweed.

Win a Gardening Book!!
by Ginny Stibolt

If you've been following my adventures as a transplanted gardener in Florida you probably know that I've been writing a book called Sustainable Gardening for Florida.   This has been a great project.  I've learned so much and now I'm almost ready to send to the publisher after more than two years of work, major editing, and several rewrites.  My contract was for 300 manuscript pages and up to 40 black and white images to be placed within the text.  My friend John Markowski, an architect, professor, artist, and gardener did the line drawings to illustrate various projects and situations described in the text.  I have John's drawings in hand and they look great, so we're closer to the end.

University Press of Florida has a board that gives the final approval for each book after corrections have been made.  The board surprised me and my editor at their May meeting by approving a budget for eight pages of color photos that will be ganged in the center of the book.  The problem is that I have been working on this project for more than two years now and I haven't had enough time to think about which photos to use.  This is where you come in.

St. Augustine balcony.  Photo by Stibolt.

<< Another choice: Balcony garden in St. Augustine.

The Contest

My friend Susan Harris at the Garden Rant blog agreed to post my contest and I've posted more than 50 photos on my website for you to consider.  Out of all the folks who comment on Garden Rant with their choices for their top ten photos and a cover photo, I'll put the names in a virtual hat and choose two people to win the book when it's published next year.  

First consider the topic covered in the book.  Here are the chapter titles: 1. Introduction to Sustainability. 2. Gardening Strategies. 3.Compost and Mulch. 4. Smaller, More Sustainable Lawns. 5. Habitats and Meadows. 6. Trees and Shrubs.  7. Container Gardens.  8. Edible Gardens.  9. Integrated Pest Management.  10. Water and Irrigation.  11. Harvesting Rainwater.  12. Rain Gardens, Bioswales, and Bog Gardens.  13. Waterfront Gardening: Dealing with Salt, Sand, Muck, and Erosion.  14. Preparing for Disasters: Hurricanes and Fires.  

Another choice: Creating habitat encourages bug-eaters such as this cute toad.  >> 

Go to  This link goes right to my topic there.  On this page there's a link to my photos.

Carefully consider all the photos.  We're looking for photos that will sell the concept of sustainable gardening in Florida.  When most people pick up the book, they'll look at the back cover and then open to the color photos in the center.  I think many folks will purchase the book based on whether the photos are compelling or not.

So please help me out and go to the Garden Rant blog today and make your choices.  The contest is over on August 15th.  Thanks so much. 

Ginny Stibolt would like to hear from readers who have suggestions and questions. After all, there are more than a few transplanted gardeners here in northeast Florida trying to figure out what works and what doesn't in planting zone 8/9. She's in the process of writing a book, "Sustainable Gardening for Florida," to be published by University Press of Florida. You may contact her or read extra details on her articles and other information posted on her website:

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