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Bok Tower
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Take a Video Mini-tour of Bok Tower Gardens Jack took a field trip to Bok Tower Gardens in March, 2011 and recorded Bok Tower Gardens Mini-tour for his Briarpatch Video Blog.

Now Visit Bok Tower Gardens in Person!
Now that you've had this glimpse of the Gardens we hope that you will plan to visit sometime soon! For 70 years visitors have enjoyed the Singing Tower's concerts and strolled the miles of pathways that meander through the Garden. If you live in central Florida or are planning to visit the Orlando Attractions, we hope that you'll add this splendid, and one of Florida's original, attractions to your itinerary.

Bok Tower Education and Visitor CenterA recent addition at the Gardens is the Education and Visitor Center (see photo). The Center features exhibits and displays and is surrounded by beautiful demonstration plantings where you are sure to get many ideas for your garden. There is also a very pleasant Cafe where you can dine al fresco on the garden patio. And don't miss the gift shop, a treasure house of plants,and garden-related cards, books and gifts.

Coming from the Orlando Attractions?
If you're visiting Disney World or the other Orlando Attractions, it is a pleasant one hour drive to Bok Tower Gardens. Follow I-4 West from the Attractions Area. Exit at U.S. 27 and go right (south) toward Haines City. Drive about 15 miles. Then turn left on Chalet Suzanne Road (at the Eagle Ridge Mall. You will begin seeing signs directing you to the Gardens. Drive 2 miles, then turn right at State Route 17. Follow SR 17 for 3 miles. Then turn left on Burns Avenue, travel 1.5 miles and you will see the Gardens' entrance on the left.

Floridata Plants
Before you visit Bok Tower Gardens familiarize yourself with some of the plants that grow there. At right is a list of plants that served as "models" for the Floridata Plant Reference. These Plant Profiles use photographs from Bok Gardens. The lower portion of the list provides links to some more of the plants that you'll see at the Gardens.

The Rare and Endangered Plant Program
Situated on the Lake Wales Ridge, Bok Gardens occupies a piece of unique natural community called the Florida Scrub. The "Scrub" is home to many rare and endangered plants that exist nowhere else in the world. Bok Gardens is working to preserve and even propagate many of these species as a member of the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC). Learn more about this important partnership:
Bok Tower Gardens and the Center for Plant Conservation.

More On the Florida Scrub
Visit Floridata's Fact Track The Florida Scrub for a look at the ecology, plants and animals of this fascinating natural community.

Plant Profiles:
These include at least one photo taken at Bok Gardens:
Asiatic Jasmine
Blue Plumbago
Creeping Fig

Some other plants you will see at Bok Gardens:
Crinum Lily
Dahoon Holly
Live Oak
Pygmy Date Palm
Sabal Palm
Wax Myrtle
Yaupon holly

More about Bok Tower Gardens

Web Site:

1151 Tower Boulevard
Lake Wales, Florida 33853

Phone: (863) 676-1408

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Thanks for visiting Floridata's mini-portrait of Bok Tower Gardens. Please use the link at left to access the Garden's web site for more information on fees, visiting hours, memberships, volunteer opportunities, events, and facilities rental.

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