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'Hungarian Spice' Paprika
(C. annuum)

Paprika is a spice made from ground up red pepper pods. 'Hungarian Spice' is one of many cultivars used to make the tangy powder. The mildest paprikas are made from mild peppers with the seeds and internal parts removed. More spicy paprikas are ground from hotter peppers, and the placenta and some or all of the seeds are often included. 'Hungarian Spice' is intermediate in spiciness. Paprika originated in Hungary, although of course, the peppers came originally from the New World. It is used extensively in Hungarian cooking in almost every meal! Paprika also is important in the cuisines of Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain and Morocco. Spanish paprika is usually a paler color and milder than Hungarian paprika.

It's easy to make your own paprika. Start with any kind of ripe red pepper you like; cut the pods in half and scrape out the placentas and seeds with a spoon; dry quickly in a food dehydrator or oven at about 125 degrees F; grind the dried pods in a coffeee or spice grinder.

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