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A Floridata Plant Profile #185 Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii'
Common Names: Burford's holly
Family: Aquifoliaceae (holly Family)
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tree  Shrub  Attracts Birds Fast Growing Drought Tolerant For Wet, Boggy Areas Has Ornamental (non-edible) Fruit Has evergreen foliage

Burford hollies look distinguished, with their glossy leaves and dense, handsome habit of growth. They are usually planted in a grouping as a hedge or border and sheared evenly; used this way, they are hard to improve on. Burford hollies are mostly seen at 8-12', but over time may reach a height of 20' or more. Lower branches may be removed on large specimens to achieve a tree form. Leaves have a sharp point at the tip, and some leaves develop two spines on the side. Burfords berry freely and without pollination, and the fruit lasts for months, providing a food source for birds into late spring. (Birds seem to prefer other types of holly berry to Burford berries, but will eat these when others are not available.) Dwarf Burford hollies (I. cornuta burfordii 'nana') do not berry as heavily but have other qualities of the full sized Burfords, and may be used where a shorter shrub (5-8') is preferred.

Native to Eastern Asia.

A very adaptable shrub. Prefers slightly acid, rich, well drained soil but tolerates a wide pH range and many soil types. Resistant to drought and heat, and tolerates wet soil as well.
Light: Sun to partial shade.
Moisture:Moist to dry.
Hardiness:USDA zones 8-9.
Propagation:Propagate from cuttings; rooting hormone helps.

Hedges and borders. Dwarf Burfords often used as foundation shrubs.

Glossy foliage; showy, long-lasting berries.

hc 1/13/98

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