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A Floridata Plant Profile #689 Thymophylla tenuiloba
Common Names: Dahlberg daisy, golden fleece, shooting star
Family: Asteraceae/Compositae (aster/daisy Family)
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Annual   Can be Grown in Containers Flowers

The bright little Dahlberg daisy is at its cheerful best in borders.
Dahlberg daisy is a bushy, much-branched little annual with deeply divided, threadlike leaves and a profusion of small yellow daisy flowers. It has a trailing habit, getting 6-12 in (15.2-30.5 cm) high and spreading a little wider. The leaves have a pungent, lemony odor when crushed or bruised. The flower heads are about a 0.5 in (1.3 cm) across with bright golden, orange or yellow rays and yellow disks. 'Golden Cascade' and 'Shooting Star' are named selections.

Dahlberg daisy is native to south central Texas and northern Mexico.

Dahlberg daisy likes a well drained, sandy soil with a pH of 6.8 or higher.
Light: Full sun.
Moisture: Regular garden watering. Dahlberg daisies are quite tolerant of dry conditions and suffer during periods of high rainfall and humidity.
Hardiness: Dahlberg daisy is normally treated as an annual, but sometimes survives for a second or third season in frost free areas. In USDA zones 9B-11, Dahlberg daisy can be planted in fall for winter or spring blooming.
Propagation: Dahlberg daisy is rarely found with the bedding plants at garden centers, so you will have to grow it from seed, but it's worth it. Sow seeds in containers before the last expected frost and set seedlings out after the last frost, or sow seeds in place after the last frost. It takes about 4 months from germination to blooming, so you may want to get a head start by planting your seeds indoors in flats.

Dahlberg daisy
Dahlberg daisy grows to create low masses of showy color.

Dahlberg daisy is used as a spring and summer bedding plant for masses of color. It is good where a low edging is needed, providing color for several months. Dahlberg daisy also makes an excellent showing in a porch planter or a hanging basket. It blooms for several months, but flowers best in late summer when temperatures begin to cool a bit. Dahlberg daisy is well adapted to calcareous or limey soils and will usually self-sow under such conditions.

Dahlberg daisies produce masses of bright yellow flowers amid delicate lacy foliage all summer long.

Steve Christmas 5/10/00; updated 1/2/04

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