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Linda Conway Duever

Linda Conway Duever

Linda is a conservation ecologist with nearly 30 years experience in resource inventory/evaluation and natural area management. She has been employed by the National Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy and has provided consulting services to the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and dozens of other agencies, organizations, and corporations. Linda has travelled widely and has gardened in the swamps of tropical South Florida, the deserts and mountains of the West, the cold rocky soils of Zone 3, and the red clay of Georgia, as well as in perfectly normal places in Zones 7 and 8. She lives near Micanopy, Florida with a Labrador Retriever, two part-Siamese cats, two Appaloosa horses, and a varying assortment of humans. She now makes her living providing conservation information and services through her own business, Conway Conservation, Inc. and serves as Director of Mockernut Hill Botanical Garden, where she lives and works. (Mockernut is a very young and desperately underfunded garden blessed with 109 acres of beautiful hilly land and fabulous potential. Special interests/programs there include red oak woods restoration, cold-hardy "tropicalismo" landscaping, and management of native vegetation along horse trails.) Linda knows tons of scientific/technical stuff about plants, but her favorite quotation (next to the one in Alice in Wonderland about always doing half a dozen impossible things before breakfast) is this one: "Plants are people, just like us. You see them, they see you. The earth isn't blind and the mountains aren't foolish." -- Jose Valdez, Mexican farmhand. Linda can be contacted at

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