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Lesley Bohm
Lesley Bohm

Lesley was born and educated in Montreal, spent her first university year in Neuchatel, Switzerland, and finished a degree in botany, with a minor in French and German literature, at McGill University. Her drawing career started at the age of three at which time she showed a characteristic independent attitude: she refused to draw stick figures the way the rest of the class was instructed to do! A significant part of the plant taxonomy class at McGill consisted of producing detailed drawings of specimens of each plant group being studied. The combination of formal artistic training, also obtained in Montreal, with detailed study of plant anatomy and morphology equipped Lesley for her later work as a botanical illustrator. In 1961 she married a guy named Bruce Bohm (a post-doctoral research fellow at McGill at the time, and the one who does the Hawaii articles for Floridata) and settled, eventually, in Vancouver where he had a job teaching at the University. It was not long before Lesley’s talents were utilized in preparing illustrations for scientific papers, textbooks, and for Davidsonia, the quarterly journal of the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden. With the demise of the garden journal (the first of the University’s many downsizings) she shifted her interest to water color paintings of native plants of the western United States, Canada and the Hawaiian Islands, activities that continue to this day. She is a member of a local group of artists who participate in an annual program called “Artists in Our Midst” that features painters, sculptors, and photographers in mixed shows and a series of open houses. She also teaches flower painting in a summer program at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver. In addition to painting and traveling, Lesley is an avid gardener, hiker, back-country skier, and strong advocate for non-motorized access to the back-country. She is also a wicked cook and likes cats (as pets, not to eat)!