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Jack Scheper Scheper

Jack (John S.) Scheper, Publisher

Jack is the founder and creator of Floridata and a lifelong gardener. Once a system analyst and designer, he now works full time writing, photographing, programming and whatever else that's required to maintain and grow When away from the computer he maintains a collection of landscape plants at Floridune, his home near Tallahassee, Florida. Here he plays with landscape design and raises cold hardy palms, camellias, hollies and plants native to the southeastern United States. Originally from Kentucky, Jack has first hand experience gardening in both temperate and subtropical climates. Eventually he intends to transform Floridata into a (profitable!) business fulfilling his vision of an online plant and nature reference and marketplace. Having survived for ten tumultuous years on the web, as larger sites have come and gone, his obsessive passion for Floridata continues. Jack invites you to visit Floridata often as he learns by growing, researching and photographing the treasures of the Plant Kingdom.

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