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To search the entire Floridata web site, including the Plant Profiles, articles and other resources, use the Google Search Box located at the top of each page.

Plant Database Search Using FloridataGrid
Datagrids are software tools used to search, sort and navigate though databases. Use our new datagrid to search Floridata's plant database and access datasheets and Plant Profiles (click the Botanical Name). If you are non-technical or unfamiliar with spreadsheets and other software, check out the diagrams below - they might help. You can also use the the search boxes (at page top), the Contents page or the Welcome page Plant List icons to access Profiles.

Use of the FloridataGrid requires a recent Web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox Version 3+ and Javascript must be enabled. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended. If you are on a slow dialup connection, click the "On/Off" Toggle Pics icon to improve grid performance.

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0.5 beta - February 3, 2011

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