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Introducing the FloriDazL™ Plant List Service


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We're going to do a limited release of the Floridazl - if you're comfortable using computer software and can get by with limited support Write Me and I'll send instructions on how to access.


Floridazl™ is our new Web Application that you can use to create, manage and publish online lists of plants and plant images. Floridata Members can create FloriDazl Plant and Photo Lists for private use or share them with the public. FloriDazL lists can be published in the FloriDazL List Directory or embedded in 3rd party Web pages for display on other sites.

Once a FloriDazL Plant List is created it can be displayed online as a searchable database, slideshow presentation, or Web page or downloaded as raw data for use in offline applications and projects.

Each FloriDazL List has two main parts: the "List Info" discribes the List and its location and purpose with text, tags and other data; the second part is the actual list which is a collection of items that correspond to a plant or plant image. Each List Item can include descriptive text, links to images, links to Floridata Plant Profiles, plant names and other information that can be customized by the person creating the FloriDazL List.

FloriDazL List - Uses and Applications

FloriDazL Lists are intended to serve a variety of uses that focus on plants, the places they live and related interests: gardening, ecology, botany, horticulture, landscaping, environment, sustainable food production, etc. Here are a some examples that illustrate just a few of FloriDazL Lists' uses:

My Native Tree and Shrub Inventory
Presented as a searchable and sortable database, this FloriDazL Plant List is a catalog of all of the native woody plants that I have identified growing in my yard. Since I have geo-coded the List with my location and tagged it as "Native Plant" list, this list could participate in a community project to create living crowd-sourced native plant databases that could be used for research and resource management.
Plants of the Florida Scrub
This FloriDazL List is displayed as a database of species typically found in this ecosystem, located on the Lake Wales Ridge in Central Florida (note geo-tagging: click "View Location on Map" button). Click on the Items to display detail information in a popup window.
My Amaryllis Collection
Sometimes a database isn't needed, just a nice way to display custom photographs of your prized plants. These are some of my favorite amaryllis varieties presented in a FloriDazL Slideshow.
Julie's Landscape Journal
Gardeners, homeowners, landscape designers and maintenance companies can use FloriDazL Lists to document plantings. This List is displayed as a slideshow presentation. Move your mouse over the images to display the Item's detail information which includes links to the relevant Plant Profiles in the Floridata Encyclopedia. This example uses some custom images that were uploaded using FloriDazL's Image Service where they are hosted for Web access.
Notstein's Agave Nursery
Nurseries, seed companies and others can employ FloriDazL Lists as marketing tools, catalogs, care guides and point-of-sale displays. In this example you can browse Mr. Agave's collection in a searchable datagrid or alternatively as a slideshow (for a better view of the custom images that are used).