pawpaws A Floridata visitor name Jan had this question for Steve, who is our pawpaw plant profiler - she writes: "I have a paw paw tree that I started from a seed. I was told that it needed another companion tree to produce fruit. Well my hubby mowed down the trees but the folowing year my tree produced fruit. Could it be that I have one that does not need a companion? I started more seeds and will they be sufficient for the companion tree or must I get another? "

Steve's responds: "Pawpaws are self-fruitful (each plant has male parts that can fertilize the female parts to produce fruit) - but they say you get more fruit if you have 2 trees (so the plants can fertilize each other). Seedlings will work."

If Jan made a pawpaw pie for her hubby it would be so good that he would probably pamper and protect her pawpaw patch. Pawpaws are North America's largest (and maybe tastiest) native fruit. You can read more on pawpaw (aka Hoosier banana, Indian banana) in Floridata's Asimina triloba Profile.