My first blog entry at last! It has taken me quite a while but I'm glad to finally have our new blog up and running. Briarpatch Blog is where we will be posting on subjects like gardening and botany as well as status updates on Floridata's content and applications. I am inviting guest bloggers to contribute on a number of topics and hope this blog will host a wide range of diverse ideas and viewpoints. There's a chance that some nonsense and inanities will be posted too but I'm usually the source of those.

Let me give an update on what's been happening here at Floridata: a year ago Google made some changes that (long story short) resulted in Floridata loosing visitors and revenue. In order to regain a better position on Google search result pages I made several changes to Floridata's Profile pages and the site in general. In later posts I'll describe the changes and the new pages and features that will replace those that were eliminated.

While the Google changes were brutal, in the long run they should help control the spread of malware, viruses and spam. These are more reasons why I (temporarily) removed some site features and changed others. I'll write more about these in later posts.

Blog visitors are welcome to submit comments on Briarpatch posts. To prevent spam, you must be registered in order to post a comment. Since visitors' comments are moderated, it may take up to 24 hours after submission before they display (again, to prevent spam). Now that I have my first blog entry out of the way I can begin writing on more interesting topics so I hope you will subscribe to Briarpatch. You'll receive notifications of new blog posts, new Plant Profiles and updates on site features and services in your email inbox.

Thanks for reading and thanks for subscribing! Jack