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Welcome to Floridata!

Our new mobile-friendly Floridata is "live" and we're in the processing of closing the old site over the next several weeks. Thanks for your patience while we make our move! Click here for the new site. ~ Jack   May 25, 2015

New Profile!

apple serviceberry
We are now posting our new Plant Profiles only on the new site (the Plant Encyclopedia part on this old site will be phased out at the end of the month - all traffic will be redirect to the new site at that time. Apple serviceberry (Amelanchier x grandiflora) is hybrid of two North American species. It is a large shrub or small tree with showy flowers in spring and a colorful fall foliage display. Read more about this attractive landscaping item that is a perfect choice for smaller yards and spaces in Zones 5-8.

Picture Gallery

The gardenias (Gardenia augusta) bloom at this time of year back home "down south". Soon each shrub will be blanketed in beautiful blossoms that scent the moist warm air with a fine fragrance. Click to download a large of version (800x600) of this gorgeous gardenia.

Visit the Wallpaper Browser page to see more than 1,500 larger format (800x600px) plant images. Links to these images are also present in the title area of each Plant Profile.

Articles & Resources

Some of our articles are now available on the new Articles and Resources page on the new mobile-friendly Floridata site and the others are here.

The Flowering Plants of Hawaii series is an extensive survey of flowering plant species found in the Hawaiian Islands by Canadian botanist Bruce Bohm. Click here for the series introduction and chapter menu.

Here are some shortcut links to some of the content on Floridata's New Resources & Articles page.

click to visit the Butterfly Gallery
Butterfly Gallery
(Now on our New site!)

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The Floridata Plant Encyclopedia profiles all kinds of plants for every kind of climate. Visit the master Plant Profile List page that organizes species alphabetically by botanical name. Use the FloridataGrid page for advanced sorting, filtering and searching of the database.

Plant Tag Lists
Plant Type Tags
One or more "tags", represented as icons, are are assigned to a species to indicate plant form form and type.
Feature Tags
These tags are assigned to a species to summarize characteristics and uses.


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